Cost Reduction

VoIP technology is capable to save 50%-75% of your current telephony costs.

Use Existing Equipment

If you have existing infrastructure, there is high possibility you can run VoIP on your existing equipment. Large number of IP phones are also compatible which would reduce your initial cost.

Advanced Features

Digital receptionist, voicemail, call recording, email notification, caller ID, call queuing are just few among other advanced features you get as standard.

Voice over IP

Biggest advantage of VoIP solution is cost saving. Companies see 50% to 75% in cost reduction, but this number can be even more dramatic, depending on existing solution.

So what it actually is? It basically uses internet for your telephone communication. Beauty of VoIP telephony is that it can run on existing equipment. We can supply your PBX on your existing servers and a lot of IP phones may already be compatible. You can also use soft phone which is free piece of software running on your PC.

Lot of advanced features that are normally for extra charge, you get as standard with VoIP. Standard features, among others, are:

  • Call transfer
  • Voicemail, can be delivered to you via email
  • SoftPhone app so you can receive or make your landline calls from anywhere
  • Reporting on weekly/monthly
  • Call groups
  • Call forwarding – forward your calls to your mobile
VoIP for small business