Relocation of IT Equipment

  • Introduction

After many years in one office located in Mayfair – London, our customer decided to move to more suited premises. Considering that Mahonyt manages their existing IT infrastructure, cloud solution, emailing platform or telephony system, we had to consider every detail needed for the move to be successful.

Most fundamental points needed thorough consideration included:

  1. Internet connection with static IP addresses
  2. Server migration
  3. Data cabling
  4. Telephony system
  5. Computer infrastructure
  • Internet connection with static IP addresses

Because of the nature of the business, which is highly reliable on stable internet connection, we have agreed to deploy Ethernet EFM service. Based on the amount of users and services that are being used, 50 Mbps Download/Upload on 100 Mbps bearer was proposed.

Implementation of the internet connection ended up causing biggest problems due to landlord requesting way leave documentation with detailed plan of new fibre cable. As our customer had firm date, we had to deal with the situation and 4G router with appropriate data plan was deployed. We have provided customer with static IP address on this service which allowed us to deploy services to required standard.

  • Data Cabling

New office premises had the need for data cabling as the existing cabling was removed by previous owner. In just one day, we have laid hundreds of metres of Cat6 cable with complete patching and termination.

Every port of data cabling we install is tested with network testers for full data support.

  • Telephony System

VoIP telephony systems offer not only great versatility, but cost savings too. Whilst moving to new premises, we took the opportunity and advised our customer to migrate their existing ISDN30 and multi channel analogue system to VoIP. Such system allows remote workers being able to receive landline calls on their devices, receive notifications on missed calls or receive voicemails to their emails. Call transfers, call queues, itemised bill etc are a matter of course.

Our customer now enjoys versatile system available to them from anywhere in the world, whilst the cost of their telephony system was cut by more than 70%.

  • When Everything Comes Together

When all dots are joined together and all the infrastructure is in place. Computers, telephones, servers, switches and routers are configured. That is when we ensure users can come to work on Monday morning and start working as nothing ever happened. It is imperative to check every smallest detail that the printers work, emails are flowing and telephones do their job too.

Our customer now enjoys not just new beautiful environment, but also infrastructure that is there to back them up at all times.