Commercial Property CCTV Installation

  • The Problem

Our customer who owns large commercial property located on Great Portland Street was experiencing problems with their 25 CCTV cameras across the building and car park area. Problems were mostly related to poor quality of picture and some of the cameras would not work at all. For that reason, they were not fit for purpose and therefore don’t fully comply with Data Protection Act.

Due to low picture quality, building management and security personnel had difficulties using the system properly and effectively.

One of the considering factors was cost. Replacement system was supposed to enhance quality of the footage, simple to use and not break the budget.

  • Solution

Our engineer proposed effective solution of replacing existing analogue CCTV cameras for Full HD analogue cameras using existing cabling. We also designed DVRs which can record in Full HD so that it compliments the cameras. Considering Full HD system we had to calculate adequate hard disk space to store the data.

Such design allowed us to perform the work quickly and effectively. Our engineers worked around customers schedule so they caused minimum or no downtime at all. We also worked over the weekend as that is when the building had least visitors and it was the most convenient time for us to do the heavy lifting.

Because we used existing cabling, the quotation was more than halved. We didn’t have to do any structural cabling so cost was saved on material but more importantly, on labour.

  • Final Result

Dismantling and removing existing equipment and setting up new DVR and HD CCTV Cameras took two full working weekends to team of two or three engineers. We ensured every camera is set up correctly and picture is of good quality, zoom and focus. We also ensured the username and password for DVR logon is hard and cannot be guessed easily.

We have finished the job before the deadline and on the budget. Building management and security staff now enjoy High Definition picture which makes world of a difference to the way they work.